Heifer Research Facility

Some special features of the Heifer Research Facility:

  • This facility provides opportunities to focus studies on dairy cattle at an age often overlooked by researchers
  • This 1,520 m² building is for animals 11 weeks to 15 months of age
  • 12 group pens, four each for animals 11 weeks to 5 months, 6 to 10 months and 11 to 15 months areprovided
  • Animals 11 weeks to 5 months are housed on bedded packs
  • Animals in the two older age groups are housed in free stalls
  • INSENTEC equipment is available to continuously measure feeding and drinking behaviour of individual group-housed animals 11 weeks to 5 months of age. Additional equipment is required for feeding behaviour studies with older animals
  • Overhead video cameras continuously monitor individual animal or group behaviour
  • Data collected by the equipment are automatically transferred to the server in the Main Building