Supporting Education

Education, through teaching and research, is a primary function of the Dairy Education & Research Centre.

Much of the Dairy Centre’s research productivity arises from graduate student and post-doctoral fellow training. Graduate students devote full time to their studies and research for periods of 2 to 5 years depending upon type of degree program, the nature of their research and the availability of financial support. Graduate students require at least $20,000 per year to cover books, housing, clothing, food, etc. Costs for research materials, etc. are normally covered by research grants awarded to their academic supervisors.

The UBC Dairy Centre is competing with universities from around the world for the very best and brightest students. For Canada’s dairy industry to remain globally competitive it is clear that we must continue to attract the very best young scientists. To help meet this goal we are working hard to develop endowments that will provide sustained financial support to our students. We would be pleased to establish additional awards. We are seeking donations to help develop the following three award endowment funds.

1. The James A. Shelford Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

More than 140 individuals and organizations have contributed to this endowment fund supporting a scholarship established in memory of Dr. Jim Shelford who passed away April 2002. As Professor of Animal Science, Jim led a very active research program at the Centre. He was well known for his dedication to helping students from across the Faculty. The Shelford Scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding undergraduate or graduate student interested in dairying.

  •  James A. Shelford Donor Honour Roll

2. Guy Fowler Endowment Fund

This is a bursary fund being developed to support students at the Dairy Centre in need of short term financial assistance.

3. Mary and John Young Memorial Scholarship

The newly established John and Mary Young Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund will provide financial assistance to a graduate student studying at the Dairy Centre.

Scottish immigrants John and Mary Young came to Vancouver in 1929 with 6 children, 24 Ayrshire cows and one bull in tow. John, an Ayrshire breeder, was hired by UBC Professor H.M. King to bring the livestock to the University. Two years after the Young’s arrived, the Great Depression struck, forcing UBC to make severe cutbacks. Farm employees were terminated and the decision was made to close the farm. As a last minute plan for survival, John Young leased the farm from the University and used the revenue from milk sales to operate it. As a result of Young’s foresight and dedication, a strong foundation for dairy cattle research was established at UBC leading eventually formation of the Dairy Education and Research Centre.

Thanks to contributions from the Young family and friends, including Ayrshire breeders, and the UBC Dairy Education and Research Centre, a growing endowment fund has been established which supports a $2,150 scholarship.

  • Mary and John Young Memorial Scholarship Honour Roll