Undergraduate Students

Each year a small number of undergraduate students are hired by the Dairy Centre to assist with farming operations during the summer months (May 1 to August 31). Interested students are encouraged to submit their resumes to the Centre’s manager, Nelson Dinn. Interviews are held late February to early March.

In addition, individual principal investigators from both Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and UBC hire undergraduate students to assist with their research programs at the Centre particularly during the summer months. Interested students are encouraged to contact individual principal investigators as early as possible.

All undergraduate students working at the Dairy Centre have the opportunity to learn about many aspects of running a modern large dairy operation. Experience gained working with the Centre’s large animals is of particular value to students interested in pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine. All undergraduate students are also provided the opportunity to gain research experience during their stay at the Centre.

Many undergraduate students work directly with graduate students and may co-author research reports.

Undergraduate students are normally housed on-site. Everyone working at the Centre is immersed in a culturally rich environment with students and scientists from around the world. The Agassiz-area is surrounded by great opportunities for hiking, fishing, swimming, boating, etc.

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