Advisory Committee

The UBC Dairy Education and Research Centre receives guidance from an Advisory Committee comprised of individuals representing consumers, milk producers, and industry and government dairy specialists. Advisory Committee members serve as champions for the Centre, provide commentary on the Centre’s activities, help the Centre’s scientists be aware of industry needs and serve as an information conduit to the industry and general public.

Current members:

Ron Barker (Chair)
James Colquhoun – Animal Nutrition Association of Canada (ANAC)
Kristin Dahl – Westgen
John de Jonge – Artex Fabricators Ltd.
Tom Droppo – BC Ministry of Agriculture and Land
Walter Goerzen – Goerzen Agri Consulting
David Janssens – Dairy Industry Research and Education Committee (DIREC)
Sankaran KrishnaRaj – AAFC (Agassiz)
Dan McDermid – BC Veterinary Medical Association
Jim Thompson (Secretary) – UBC
Ken Vandeburgt – Mainland Dairymen’s Association
Thomas Wynker – BC Milk Producer’s Association

Ex Officio members:

Anne Marie de Passille – AAFC (Agassiz)
Moussa Diarra – AAFC (Agassiz)
Nelson Dinn – Manager, UBC Dairy Education and Research Centre
Ronaldo Cerri — UBC
Raja Rajamahendran – UBC
Jeff Rushen – AAFC (Agassiz)
Doug Veira – AAFC (Agassiz)
Marina von Keyserlingk – UBC
Dan Weary – UBC