Student Seminar: Geoff Nemeth

MSc student Geoff Nemeth will present a seminar on his research project, The effects of a provisional social model when introducing heifers to freestalls.

Thursday, April 28 | 12 – 1pm
BMO Conference Room, UBC Dairy Education and Research Centre

Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. Geoff graduated from with a BSc in Applied Animal Biology in 2012. Under the supervision  of Joanna Makowska and Dr. Dan Weary, Geoff conducted an undergraduate thesis project, which investigated the potential of anaesthetic gases such as isoflurane and sevoflurane as humane alternative to carbon dioxide for laboratory rat euthanasia. Geoff returned to UBC in 2015 to pursue his MSc in Animal Welfare; he is investigating abnormal lying behaviors in dairy cattle, and the factors that contribute to why some cows fail to adapt to freestall systems properly, which is a common and significant welfare concern regarding the housing of dairy cattle.

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